by Moodie Black

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released January 4, 2019


all rights reserved



Moodie Black Los Angeles, California

Known as pioneers of the new era noise rap scene Moodie Black has snuggly nestled themselves into alt rap lore. Over a decade strong Moodie Black has earned a reputation of being harshly uncompromising while showcasing their affinity for mood and atmosphere. ... more


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Track Name: m o s s
I bloat like everyone cash filled.
pains like
No blame . Burials.
Lanes off. The tilt rocked. The red palms.
The powers off
Plain pills. Placebo rich. No media can sneak a flick.
Bad like this I hate the way it's always black I can't resist. I'm paralyzed un-compromised when introduced to veins like this.
I see no reasons left to rap I loathe it but I'm pacifist.
I'm at the end of all these ropes. You've heard this before.

Cant call me out...-
tiny broken mouths that's down with elder chains
the fuckin scribbles on your face im out of race your out of shame
its poisonous, well rot, the same cop, the same ride
its perilous..
the white old power still devours while im out here bumping white whips like its ours.
the postal service to the parents
dressed in shame.my daddy all in shambles that his hey boy is his daughter.
i lack the tack to back the black pack apparel tribe
your penis bent inside yourself is burning
im more potent now than white femme allies with my finger hovered static
cross the canvas
the man steady with a bloke broke swagger
and im barely speaking English like im dreaming

No plain broke teeth.
Gum bled still raw.
Offline. Shame filled. Guilt veins. Tamed feels.
I hate the way I talk. Same kid. Worn fire. Where the fuck my empire. Slick tongue. Woke friends.
The pace of fate drawn years back
I'm tired glitter pop fear stacked, same air no higher.
When will I parish will I quit Ive seen the way the elders kinda limp when they don't fit.
Track Name: p i n k p o u t
A damn shame
Framed like can't resent
Odd plume smoked out
Dancing in the same clothes
No doom
No fear blacking interfered weird slave rock
I may stop berries poison taste face all hot I can't hear high pitch I gave body all this no swagger to carry sane battered aim I'm not.
No bad to burden desert cleansed all gender bent chin lift out

Buzz skin
Platter death
Plain pain Jenny stress.
Last way longer than injured kid handed bless
Saw you on the damn plane voyeur peek talk to me
Took it like a damn sign more than that swallow me fair to break the parallels compared to me. I ain't never rocked with anything than what was burned by me
Flying in a fake high white guys terrify
Searing in a old oak Grammy rot kinda life

I'm all about pink pout taking back what I is
Promises left out say my name obvious
All out never raw no jaw Jesus cross
Desperate like mother is
Too raw never soft.
Manifest far from the Brock paint demograph-ic
flame blameless it is I blind baby birthed
Kids barely walk you all stain same paragraphs
Your caught with the safety flipped idol praise can't resist
Track Name: p r i v i l e g e
We all got PRIVILEGE
We all want privilege
We all less PRIVILEGE
Were beyond our privilege
Fuck white privilege
It Feel like privilege
Were beyond our privilege
We all got privilege
We all want privilege
Y'all insane with privilege

You ever see a trans trap mouth
The stitch holes moths off the tongue sway out
The black man's bones burnt chicken half out with a half chewed collar with a half filled house
Swag something bout a 48 vertical a kinky tint vodka and some broken fem orbitals
pretend To pray to blank race Jesus the darkest niggas here dance defeated
We all fucking rap. Got broke hearts. Too hard. Bleed odd.
Fucked the same cause we are too far ER blemish
the burnt nerds all heard white herds took it how you get where the black kids bean sprouts.
The browns stay floored to the boards in some slides nailed down with some rosaries and pork.
My unc with all pride can't forget how he told a queer kid to behave where I fit/
My head's blown, higher than the fall guys burning in a black out tryna grow my fangs out.
the KDEATH lone in the trans west no sense comradery no crows left.
I have no allegiance to the bad fed taking up the whole bed born torn ripped dead...
my kids like get it how you live it and all they wanna talk about is privilege .
Why you show me how a victim breathe
Flex in a grave shop snowflakes I believe every raped tear drop.
Tape caught well worn nothing new or paid for
falling out teeth that I ignore too sore.
The bodies transitioned and it's too oak
walk is automatic when I feel choked.
The buzzwords I can barely finish and all we wanna talk about is privilege.

We all got privilege

Pseudo paint everything
Red red nails while I'm spitting on my good pastels
evil worked Beetle lift skinny ride small flies throwing up
looks like every other fleshed out giving up riiide
I don't a k k k v l o g anyway PR is a death trap any day
Tried why the flame post?
Blamed by the chained clothes.
Pained by the soft things.
Hanged by the door knob bitch
I don't like that but I feel it in my breasts pride
in my flat chest there is no shame left
All pink everything hued out hard as death
sun dress blame me for significance the voice stays
too sway why the people give a fuck
let me piss I ain't seen a stretched out vagina in a urinal
blank stares. I'm not really poised for a funeral
I would rather make you uncomfortable beautiful.
The suns blocked everyone cop held Frida gun
the planet with a death clock bottom of the white men.
Turning up the blemish in my face laced
phased with a plain lace blazed with some free base
fangs in a bad place tryna climb up la all day
babies in the rearview ok ahhh
The black noise swearing they ain't got it
Of course the fucking madness could of sworn that's what they wanted.
The bless is your shirts should be blue red fire and some Ash silt
burning at the torso to the ground tilt down with a heavy thud.
No mess. No blood.
Shit like that is way more than fun.
Track Name: gasp, then
I'm not going no where
Flex like it never mattered.
Wasting my death is modest
Crossed cause I'm fucking honest
Nah I'm it not riding no death bomb plaque if they didn't want me. Screw the whole back car black tar human carcass terror
Way more depth in the path I've cast with my last gasps of ......
Fangs in my cherried ass and my bad past cause I'm bleeding different
Better plane with my name and my own mane cane like a master.
Shame like a fast food raise late lame and I'm fucking after
Not Drake light no indie rapper sad with a trap aesthetic
See what I've done is my own will with a feather finish.
I'm seeing dark for the first block and I can't shut
The graying skies is some real air for the come up

Everybody in a seizure bout the same amount of caught up better hanging feelin ahh
Something in the matter matters better raging freedom powder either bleeder ahhhh
Massive innards in a powder better leave em power where it puddles all in paris like
Sentiment is not apparent, we the badder veteran of panic with a static liiiike

No bad form in my old age when im slammed awkward
I've seen em all grab my own dreams like a bleak opera
But life longs in a limp way with a cut smile
The whole thing from my room now I bloom wild

The main frame is a cis place
With a bad omen.
The flat Earth like the mans first
With his mouth open
I thought bad with a late pause
Now it's way worse.
The fucked flagged in a may back
And I'll am all cursed
The pitting image pretty Paris spare us all deranged
I see the Barrie's on the branches melting all away
The heavy promises I've mastered in a pulsing fade
In tryna feast amongst the Giants now I've come of age.

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