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Lucas Acid

by Moodie Black

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Out between fulton and woodman Im a nigga but browning and blackened I arrest like i know what I’m doing I’m the left gangster rapper in ruins influenced by vultures that bred in the western im a arrow pulled out where your chest hurt wether paris or back with the terrorist the last run took a bite of my family one perished  Im nervous as fuck where my life is been another bad human I’m hiding I was able to fly in the palm trees i made into weapons I’m barely surviving  bitch I’m like way beyond static and kanye I’ve been doing this noise like its my way out of LA IM Bumming your plastic all my stress on the dirt is in asterisks Coming to Cali No worries though my people in shambles I’m mourning I resemble a tearing new people appearing I’m waking at 4 in the mornings Theres no way Im bound to be left out warhol promises. I knew where the road was and I knew where my tribe is i was like (P. Mottron) Not to tarry, for your face, not to tarry, for your body, will not last.
I am not an interest in appearance Summoned from PARIS American ERA  we want every person in our image Sounding like two timed static in my savage i was product of your fields and your hangings god must of spared me a penis for my manners I was watching many humans from my manic i was way beyond a blemish I’m not perfect i resented I’ve been blushing at the posters on my mantle now I’m bleeding on my matter I’m a come up on my castle bleak and running from the image of a cop social is the prairie in an iPhone  in an android where she cheated ima stop.  how much of my hiding will it cost? im a beast im a princess k dot  appearing that i'm not black in a mess full of brown see the ash in my wake former towns  swag when it matters fuck the independents Im a coward I’m a grammy holding bitch in my hours prince bowie bigger penis in my static i devour all encountered older elder in a glitch FUCK MY ERA  light me on fire  Last of the humans  limited edition nothing feel new everything viral  hasn’t any one else noticed motherfuckers like us IS all Nothing, like the world Couldn’t promise I’m off of my scruff and I’m cautious i lost how i love and I’m blank the past kind of hurts when I think but somewhere in the fangs i went auto the only bone mine ever followed the product of a conflict in border i grew up all out of order   forgot who i was through the buzz and the clash of the ring in my eardrums  a pile of my life turned out like it got blown out into freedom i thought I was flame I would grow with a kid and a wife and a grammy got caught i would shame all the fangs that were hate in the mouths that surround me. I got my swag turned out with the world tuned in and offended its all been done before soapbox on my couch now were ending the pain isn’t mine anymore we all on the floor with our chains up bathing in a nuclear war i tweet when I’m bored i done came up noise aint a phase take a powder then i leap to the top rope bleeding over coward you is them, minus how I taste I’m american  I’m way removed from tribal kinda native but I’m nervous not a barely am i woke i done been I’m a west coast desert to my end. hit me with a bat hammer me with bullets I’m a oak to the soft skinned babies that I choked ugh Freedom when I’m dead from the white to the res from the men to the women to the nothing at all to the tar on a highway  to the dirt of the black we the last to dance hope i overreact
(K. d e a t h) I aint never worn no FLAG I don’t even like my dirt I resort to fangs all out Swimming in my shame with my lanes all doubt bleeding paranoia I have no idea heavy in the shade Grey it degrades my age all black bag dreams in a fade I’m glad bear eating face no fads tearing at the brown a little late to feel the sway swear i had a fox tryna tell me its phase wether wake or fake stakes ash in a bath burning like a bad sun peeling from the swag What the Hell I run from? I swear, Id be a problem, If I could only get one second out my lips, id be a problem. (Ceschi) Ever did a ballet pirouette  Just to dodge a bullet on a bad day ?  Never yet ?  Ever had to pray to an absent god  Hoping to avoid an early grave?  Fuck another Fraud  Yeah ````````` This is Knife in a narc's heart level art Bite mark on a white devil type dark  Spitting that fight for your life  Snipe president  Shit  Ima die with my four fingered fist clenched Who am I to tell you how to live?  I could never save you from the abyss I️ ain't ever been like y'all  I've been off course still running  Life-is dumb slow morphine drip  All of us crumble to bits  Everything is quiet in the end though  Everything is quiet in the end  Silent in the end  (K . d e a t h ) I Pretend the sheets stay white. I can turn away not really looking see the powers in the flowers not the furnace pedal in the pussy til its burning while I’m sleeping in the wind until its morning/// I resent the way the fucker fits without the privates that I’m minus you the face of what I’m after while we settle for the whitest since paris probably not the same but I’ve been running from of it knowing what I’m doing killing women how i came up in it I have never been like y’all too fuckin big too fuckin tall greens in the kitchen beans on the counter heavy under blankets half my life i tried to take it But I, came what I IS. I am cold fang to the pain of my fist. Bliss I can barely breathe right now I can barely breathe right now
s w a y 04:13
it don’t matter what i got I have horns  no cunt fuck pattern all flowers. independent feel the power see the product in my hour undefeated like it matter keep appearance in the middle of a  woman in a madness pussy poppin in a prairie tryna tighten up my penis why you looking at a idol  camera death in the lens from the west seek power I was wrong  i am in the belly of my goth oh my god pushing on the alleys of my culture or not burying the linens from the humans that are too awake cadavers in a pc flower I SWEAR i just wanna see low strobe on a black lit hair brown skin no fuck i would like to see a body glitched out  something from my tribe that defies what a ass is about  no care no cares i got filters locked what i hate in the mirror  see the bad that i feel i project i be on my flame in my heels im legit cause i checked. ah I don’t even know what we about i wanna let loose but I’m pretty in my house and the whole thing fired see the swag in my wires cheap pops low femme and I’m death    SWAY SWAY SWAY your seeing how I’m changing in my fangs with my arizona swagger and my cameos in jeans with my paleo appearance looking way beyond my means im a parity of tyler with a mood iness in lean… i aint even tryna fuck you all offended I’m pretending that I’m good  with 808’s and everything you all invented I’m not freak afraid of the skin that looks the same with a half off callous and a 9 mil aim why you scared dancing in the dark underwear see death to a tran all bad everywhere why you follow know you kind hard where you are see your gangster limp  love your gun in the car
Theres nobody holding down  no surround see the water isn't shallow what I’ve found is that my powers really hallow barely painted out and fully faded bout it tryna keep my  berries in my forest. Ive fucked it all up I’ve never been what I’ve imagined daily and the fame is not the thing but I’ve been sipping from my veins I’m fairly average with a horrid body tearing at my image and I feel like all my pieces are indifferent Fuck the land is million static and I’m hungry but embarrassed  and the stares are at a pace that my securities have perished. Why my Skin? it bends like yours but I am holy giant with a tinted fem illusion cross the penis. I like to fuck bitches. I cringe when burning different. I don’t feel like the jesus that I use to I am finished SO now I’m left with nothing crying at a screen and trying to type like I’m the same motherfucker that I used to  Im too enamored with the fiberglass ceilings or the left out feelings  in the trapped out buildings while I opt to block my dresses from the upper thigh Chilling to the homo felt rocked cis friends that I’m not healing  too much unbalanced with this noise rich fantano niche bleeding in the waters of my backyard killed my car swag will never stress I’ve seen the writings  from the 80s and the older elder vultures are still flying and shitting Im like so many problems when I try to flex in linen sit in babied when I found it now I’m living been in paris not enough theres no complacency til late night television  and revisions to the history thats altered bitch i swear is its fucking up the world is fucking up amen to Donald trump to keep the static leveled up You don’t care too much, I don’t care too much, don’t front like you don’t care.
Theres palm trees this is like paradise you know I’ve lied. We’ve lived and died inside each other since we barely lived. and now a paradox I know you gots to leave my prairie so I can have you in my own way we’ve never married I’m scared as fuck a grown up man inside a woman hawking we’ve gone beyond each others skin we stay up late while talking I love you more than I can barely write and tears are forming I’ve been ignoring most importantly my roots are storming I’m probably bad like you can act we both retract our madness I’ve been in sadness thinking bout an empty couch since paris and what the fuck am i supposed to do just what around? ill fuckin do that. I packed my bags and after rivers i decide to chase you its been a decade and there aint no way I got to taste you its super weird to not feel flesh was blessed to share my mattress wasn’t since college since its empty so ill change my address….. we’ve been through things the razor pains the phase of fangs gone changing the painful lanes my home in flames I’m gray together aging defy the science not like birds and herds of other humans despite what you may have reacted I am not the stupid maybe I’m sick as fuck to give my death to single woman… i see you best, and I can’t left. I’m stuck what am i doing. Im gonna grab my ride and take that bitch into the ground im gonna find you. You got me rapping on a 3rd verse I’m out my eyelids. Lets talk bout cali……where the shit was barely wet. no violence. its all you but there was me all ambulance no violence. the smallest shoes a dusty yard the hardest people silence. deciphering the panties losing ground a newer person fucking Facebook i resent it not apparent but i knew it.  look lets try this shit. something boring. gone adulting flip or flop what the fuck cooking meals something boring. then ill take you out to spain….on the beach getting paid…. Palm Trees. Palm Trees.
way off flesh with my face…. sawed off lace in my wake…. paris in a fire in my bathroom sad in my black in my costume.. driving in a circle on a day off  staring at a wall with the sun on dreaming in a mouthful of past. Tearing Up MY GODS I don’t like this house. I don’t like this town. I don’t like this job. i would rather give my power to the flowers by the promise of a bullet to the…. let down shamans by the fangs touched by the spirits for my dress left out of war wanna fucking run but im torn what i love what I need  I want more. Whatever the pain from your eyes I aint what there is I’m a product of the sky///// Buried in the prairies its apparent I willl die probably with appearance of the body i defied///// Every day is hard. some days are harder heart stops often  no insurance so I’m off it… pattern of the black fucked out
b l a c k 04:36
From the small blown window Grey No planes, baby I am grounded….. I hear the kids out, Americano, Great fuckin day, Im off falling in a part time mouth, arranging broke brains, poor little humans all problems beady eyedead breathing no pulse wow semi automatic weapons blowin up ghosts and I cant do the same thing I’m seeing swaying in the prairies I’ma smell it till I’m buried/////ahh Static means shit. all worn swag wearing bags i resent called all fads feeling bad when it fit bit all tendons from the calf to my lip. BLACK. HOW BLACK. When the white sway breathes I've been on my 3rd rot car Walking on webs Charring up far Tearing up lone but I’m hard All warm colors long arms This is the nest I am left Feminine birth on my vest Dancing for the gods that are less Lasting for the skins that i kiss yes. Feeling like its burnt than its been play me out or phase it to the belly of a carcass out of body with a pairing of a burial of other queer appearance i embarrassed not my father he don’t need to see it shame me all about it i can’t eat it i can’t even be it even when I’m talking I’m not really there I’m all defeated. hiding in the cabin like eleven now my nose is bleeding let the shit grow then i fall in a puddle of my own wet not hot numb fingers i aint left yet. what I’m thinking i would swallow didn’t used to but I’m borrowed tryna hold on to the person that i hope she is tomorrow but I’m lost buzzwords, social, don’t matter what i was never been local want nobody but I’m locked in I try to show my teeth. sposed to deep breaths in my ride falling all out kids in my hands they can tell. bigger black eyes fucked up bad.
i woke up to another bad writing with some fake motherfuckers with the lease on jesus Ima vanish in the plains til i come back blacker with a leeched out weapon and the kids run after. there will be no power when the skies turn purple when the truth came out and the prophecies painful and no pain i aint really screaming theres no pain. WHO ON DECK WHO DEVIL DAD SPILLAGE IM A QUEEN OF MY LINER DEF RIDER UNPRIVELAGED ALL MY VEINS ARE RESENTMENT FOR THE LANES I AINT PINNED IN FOR THE PLAIN PSEUDO PUNKS HIP CRITICS THAT ARE RACIST I NO SHAME IM ALL CHANGED SO NAKED ALL UN FANGED YEEZY YELLIN EP BARELY YELLIN HE DIDNT TAKE IT FROM ME RIDE MINSTREL WHERE IM FROM THIS BARELY FEELS LIKE ANYTHING LEGIT I SAW IT DYING BUT THE BLOOD WAS DRIPPING FROM MY WRIST AND I AINT INTERESTED IN SAVING I AINT REALLY SCREAMING THERES NO PAIN
b u r n 05:05


Recorded over two years between Van Nuys and Minneapolis, Lucas Acid is 45 minutes of pounding, unsettled intensity with intermissions of fractured melodic beauty. As the namesake implies, Moodie Black are masters at establishing mood via richly textured backdrops that coil around K’s delivery. There is a vocal clarity on Lucas Acid that was somewhat lost in dense pockets of noise on previous releases that allows for K’s prose and storytelling to shine, with wraithlike wails and jarring screams filling in the negative space. Ceschi Ramos and French singer Pierre Mottron also provide guest vocals.

On Lucas Acid, K is coming to terms with life as a trans person of color in a country increasingly predisposed to pushing such individuals further towards the margins of its narrative. Backed by their own meticulous production, a cacophonous collage of shoegaze, molded distortion, sinister guitars, and industrial hip hop, Moodie Black speaks on identity, paranoia, love and its absence. K’s Moodhouse podcast, which often explores her experiences as a non-binary trans femme individual and struggling musician, has informed her lyrical approach as she navigates the universal process of finding comfort in one’s own skin.

The “brilliant and formidable” (Noisey) Moodie Black will be releasing Lucas Acid, their first full-length in four years, on April 6, 2018 on Fake Four, Inc.


released April 6, 2018


all rights reserved



Moodie Black Los Angeles, California

Known as pioneers of the new era noise rap scene Moodie Black has snuggly nestled themselves into alt rap lore. Over a decade strong Moodie Black has earned a reputation of being harshly uncompromising while showcasing their affinity for mood and atmosphere. ... more

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