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by Moodie Black

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selfieness 04:31
God as fuck. Broke like death in my trunk for months Noise like fists what it matter? first When I was seven years old bully dropped a curse ugh I've seen the mass go past 21 trans dead beating my ass World in a feast its a massive bitch To be alive in a time when your at the wick Bitch oh no I swear to blood I was master fang I wasn't enough I don't represent how you want me to fit Nothing Said it since Truth is, Voyeur like Hitchcock. No shame on me like jpeg Same shit everyday big black flutes still blown away first born brown girl bleeding here bleak sewn dominance culture rich social worn dominos bad paint leaking at the obvious. Bitch this is mastery better to believe than my misery shit wasn't meant like my parents be No bless Christ like we are undecided My fangs your flag we are all divided. It don't matter what I'm planning bout a decade saying Representing what your mad at it what the fuck a white man Not a figment of idea no agenda ranted I am nothing but a woman what I manifested More power red hats black power lynching Tree limbs all lit looking like it's Christmas We are melting, melting puddles of black. Same void in me too cellophane Shame things tired of the selfieness Watching what it looks like this life filtering what's my height bleeding at the gums til you eat from bow to the mountains hurt I enrich I will not fit probably to the dust when the wax drips Guess what I'm asking Things much bigger than my mattress Bitches feel alive with an asterisk All I see is bodies Mock ropes hanging from the moccasins Learned to be at stress with the awkwardness New limp conscious way more peace than the last fat Skin still the same since our birth hurt Well rot paranoid Flame dame quited in rainbow shame Changed now I'm blamed to the breasts arranged. Aimed that I'll never flick rich in a misfit blitz of a glitch rich bliss for the first wish missed
feels 03:05
PAY ME IN FEELS IF YOU COULD PAY ME HOW BOUT DONT PLAY ME OR TURN AROUND WHAT CAN I DO IT'S A DECADE NOW SHAME ME TO CHANGE ME I FUCKED IT UP It'S BEEN A PROBLEM SINCE COMING UP but I brought you into all my things thinking my tits would go master fade believe me im honest so guilty, could tell that your breaking don't tell me your honest not gonna kill you no morrison wanting to see how we bout to end the world is without my defense so im off it but bothered when i see you drowning I feel like i have no space left to stand I know you wanted a leading man can't believe you could leave that behind women like you they do not survive pay me in feels if you could pay me things that we’ve done, we were children, like fucking in closets and burning out feelings we plastered the desert with passion while walking alone into mountains no asking touching my veins going black while you held to my mass never wanting a wedding ring tangled my feet to your hair when we ran out of air in the palm trees my misery. think we're about to get out of shame. sharing our bones so we eat Ok pay me no manners no tension i love you no reasons there's nothing but feelings breathing like this how its sposed to be sitting in worry but feeling free looking for nothing all smiles my teeth falling out so im wild for you to see I don't know how we could settle down paper is nothing but static now promise ill get it but damn it the ceilings is plastic im throwing rocks at it
picket fence 03:47
AIN'T NOBODY DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE PICKET FENCE AHHH No influence from white skin keyboards Laughing in the wind we on all 4 bad whores Nothing wrong fucking with whatever moves what your money feels like facing what you can't fight nigga The same plain formula with lame taste Laced with a fake bow smile cause you famous Malformed babies and there growing up world is now divisive like in real life in the cut The main plains crying at the roots means everything in public in America is shame filled The air feels slick and won't wash off rich like the bitter of my elders with the layers off The stress goes piling from inside rattling the beans in the worn hide means we are ending it was up to me id smother you, fucking with your air until it feels raw playing with my imagery is way odd. carry me on crosses up the mountains(inaudible) what you want? baby you ain't kidding what i feel like? we are more than sorry wont fit matter who your friend is, playing flutes problem is, Aretha did it better bitch sorry I don't see my skin inside your plastic molds misses tryna figure what I smell like the problem is no one wants to talk about it... and i dont wanna talk it about it either but ima do mines I've never held my motherfucking tongue in fact I swallowed it and came around I should have known like it was before that it would turn out like arizona and i've looked enough into my eyes the worst i've done is criticize I took a couple papers for the noise when i was naked but of master poise tried to take us to the promised land when i felt like a lesser man who barely breathed right and always broke because they told me i was fucking great and i knew better that I better not so I imagined I was intensely hot... im not...
jesus bound 03:49
You stripped me out im naked now plain jane and in my shame wild hair in promanades i gang bang and twirl my thangs probably say the same things out the tamed fangs while i chew flames main veins that have maintained some of same lanes that i ain't faked Black boys in my dms stealing cock points while they stay strapped Big girls to a white crop eating warm flutes im like fuck that Influenced in my backyard on my concrete that my pops spilt wearing things unfiltered and my brown skin not bought for I get OH OH OH IM SORRY trolling it out and I can't resist when im called for and there calling out. in my shame beyond the metaphors its automatic (inaudible), its automatic clout and i'm made for this with my tits held and my awkwardness and my brown tone (inaudible) and I'll admit it when you said it, you coachella cause a white boy in plaid PR represents the auctioned off enemies like (inaudible) my bitch says yeah gold chip, that my bra straps get stuck in but im bad nigga swear to black (inaudible)
no mames 03:48
laughing all around me im a kid on my own I was melting in my seat the heat is blistering tones transformers would surround me this was way before phones why is everybody staring do they know what im on NO MAMES, NO MAMES jokes are like bullets when it comes to the skull it was burning at my panties I was seven years old there was blaming seeing devils in the widows and walls so my parents called a shrink i said i'm wearing moms clothes im like running from the gods switching shoes with the neighbor im so denied jumping fences and i dressed for a favor the secrets out but im mexican and black grab a fader so now my roots feel like water save the beatings for later what the fuck im representing nothing i am not your privilege put a little tranny it this is why i'm breaking in it this all im bout to be like meme gene at fucking midnight big niche to fill its alright I stayed back lost some girlfriends and played ball grew hair then cut off ashamed that my dad caught no place to hang out no girl to ask out rather wear her damn clothes then we could make out complicated pre buzz words worse than bathrooms even it was obvious always felt ominous black mouth to reach down cackling its chain noise imagine what it looks like when fire meets your fake boy
I'M THE ONE TO LOVE, I AM ENRAGED, I AM ALL THINGS, AHHH THE MORE I WATCH THE MORE I CREEP OUT BAD FOR US BAD FOR ME I CAN'T SLEEP RIGHT NOW IM LIABLE THIS AINT GIRL LIKE AM I GOD right FEEL LIKE, IT'S BEEN A MINUTE WHEN THEY TELL GRIND OR DIE LIFE SUPPORT SOMETIMES fight for it blamed for it it don’t even matter when the noise isnt poppin you gon hang me you gon tout em like its normal you gon have em you can manage hypin chicken this is madness they gon eat it there so happy giving patreon a dollar while you stabbin im all im not really tryna have it im an older woman liking me cause people always talking I don't know paid for it in the real or paranoid i've been on the evidence hardly ever metaphor came for everything never intervene but I elevate somewhere keeping quiet in the corner now been the longest slumber there has ever been like a bout a decade in the mouth over veterans ah what im all about is bad tact when your listening pulp in the tweeter bits static blood glitchening bitches this surreal so real bad for you I was like...i manifested sick earth no horns our world on fire no mirrors no wires go back can't forage we do like posts
hi-v 03:15
said a million times cancelled what you mad for bad pores not even replies bubbles ignore same things humans to my dead space minimal barely interact where my maps at fuck it you can find me somewhere in my basement pacing tryna keep the weight up off my angry hating on a good day rather keep my smile for the raining something bout the clouds keeps me fanging never gonna move much. no sense parking lots. lines are a bitch like these children why you gotta look at me save your inner wishes for the pedophiles rather keep my lashes to my mirror awhile I don't even like the sun probably get to smokin when im out the room only in the bar when its happy hour ill be more than happy dead noon groceries with the old whites talkin bout the pain up in my asshole round here we don't go out much dont care for much we dead as fuck so we gon dance maybe we'll go outside it's just a phase blond hair blue eyes, we gon dance. your gonna have a hard time tryna turn me out rather lay back and be the villain huh more power to me no relationships no umbilical no elements no showers, anniversaries, reveal parties fuck private parts too glorious, im happy here, I can be honest, i've disappeared fresh air is terrifying I don't know you or your questions why you asking I would never wanna know that get the fuck back more than anything probably smiling, acting normal shrug your shoulders, you don't know me what i'm meant for not my gender (inaudible)
I could barely eat but the heat's on while the snow falls in a bad place, in a weak space, with no lights on and on youtube catching feelings watching tyler eat made to feel bad when you know your fresh and want 10 percent. how marginalized, how compromised on accident. fuck rapping, fuck patters, their incompetent. if I believe it could it rot enough and carry me or is it happenstance i've waited for thats atrophied? dont compare yourself but what the fuck am i about? could i rock that dress on red carpets no doubt? ive been playing like it and interviewing my damn self. since i was little child wild will it kill me later? I don't know what you are used to? but I know that they will never care, unless that shit is MORE than paid for. gold plated. gold plated. every day we finna go. every single day im finna go! You fuckin with gods i dont give a shit what is impressive bout people with different skin? (played yourself) do me no favors you think i'm that reddit my pigment my penis my baby fat honey id rather you pay me for burial this is no minstrel show not to put me on your auction block tweeting no timelines im not about only to break into walls that lead to my house I feel like all of this on the outside lookin it im not nice enough I don't like these kids I done said it lots im about to die with it what would you do for
ceiling fans 03:34
cant see, I dont match, no TV to feedback playing possum (inaudible) no dark ops, or glare pops stay poised but fuck art no screw boys or reptar spare parts (inaudible) dropping names of influence to benefit from incels black face in a new space never holding hands like bad dates rob dirt and then penetrate what i'm supposed to be to a small town blocks hurt but i died of age and my back hurts but you on now tell me what what my selfie is the same pain the ways sway bangin in with static rich like all noise an epic nich promise you im driving with the pedal leveled to the floor bloods shit looks like casualties like dropped leaves and skinned knees what you want I ain't never been what you is sipping on and sleeping on is played out im bout to probably fade out yall people aint gon want me but im baddest for you naked for you shit im fucking fancy with it never leave that it all feels like I SEE THE PROBLEMS YALL HAVE AND I SEE CEILING FANS All men are terrifying worlds spinning Ice thinning rhereotic from killer klans in whitehouses mansplaining Couldn't miss it holding onto my skinny wrist and my cheap bracelets everyday I'm fuckin sayin leave me in the wind I'm swaying Spilling out with urgency I'm elder tranny others murdered all we really need is tantrums armored Collars pretty arrows crack em til their knees are muddied sinking deeper to resentment they won't really have no sorrow rip em up and burn their bibles. Bitch We need everything in embers Ash besides our bodies Bleeding in American the flames from cash the modern prairies Buh Not invented this is product of our ancest I don't see no problems with it what the fuck you mad for And where im living ain't no precedent or president politics is foriegn language never changed the fangs arrangement Find me on a map your privilege You have never seen my image
can't tell the difference between dreaming and flying the back door is open. the people denying. there's been a void with some shame my friends felt like flowers it's been too long how much can i say i'm a god when I'm still here talking bout grammies and fuck me and im all about pretending that i'm happy for others when my puddles feel like pure stress and my own noise making me def im used to how the ringing hurts im waiting for her im gonna have to put the pain aside the more i think the more ill fuckin die im done with doing what i used to do woke culture rain on me feels bloody more bodies cant promise what it feel like lets party that's what y'all like
am i bad 03:29
You can mock me like these kids do with broke necks eyeballs poppin like there blank sex no stress born still hanging from the tit well and not taught aging with the planet probably love cops so rot paid for should be used to color palettes every drop every orifice appendage every skin these humans got shit is not that massive is it love people fuck text give yourself you dont need that badly bleed on someone else the truth is with this cancelled and buzzwords ive been more than beating with these fingers yall heard can't get kinky with it turn my back and yall is victims gotta flex the right things but i do not defend the system I was up all on my own when I was speaking to the hawk way before my titties were a teddy talk nigga i police nothing i do not become it no fake woke or warrior I think nothing of it. becomes harder to innate likes or snap skin I don't fit the pretty that you all is in dont wanna win spare parts and plastic feathers bitch fights and hotter weather see through the skin is breaking im a step outside the water comfort me im feeling feelin nasty in my mass am I bad am I bad am I bad? all that matters is ive tried hard with all fours digging holes until the bone callouses is left alone watching what i love turning white and every day to death petting every morning cause i gotta check paranoid mirroring all the rest of every modern day fuck a test promise to each other it will be ok house arrest chewing through the holidays no idea how i am things have gotta give a bit i dont think making it
how long it been since you been touched? im tryna talk instead of text you see the way i is I see darker clouds and then my life erupts... im all What's the point of being turnt up when all these bodies are turned in no shame glitching in an armed force bathing in pixels in 4 course plasma stretched to your eyelids I am complicit in this I am not better than anyone I know that better than anyone why am i pacing in places when im on my own like I'm halfway to cardiac arrest it makes no sense to be off dirt it makes no sense to work for any white man these humans all running from god yezzy says better find god id rather eat chicken with a boomer INSTANT MEME, MINOR PURGE I guess who i am involves taking pictures. of my own face in a broken light. as the world spins we are getting fatter, but at the right angles you can get some likes I know what's crazy cause i work with em fucked up thing i am right with em id rather be warm on a truck but here i am blank in the northern woods talking to myself in a poor manor i am way loud and it never works out no fur like not blessed cause paris crowds get smaller and then disappear im all tall cause merits its all in my head, my appearance a bad formed waste of time im mad at myself but damn it i'm feelin like a manicure I can never understand what their saying im assuming that there like you always intimidated always scared


Moodie Black, the cosmic punkrock witch dream of rapper/producer/poetess K-Death and guitarist/sound warlock Sean Lindhal, isn’t out to push rap’s boundaries-- no, they are in fact lighting a barbed-wire and nails infused molotov cocktail at the gates and slow-mo walking away as the towers of rap’s perceptions crumble into ash, leaving ancient sigils and totems in the wake of the destruction. Moodie Black’s music is a swirling blast of both chaos and calm, where sonic entropy and stasis meet in the warp of a black hole. They’re a rap band infused with gothic shamanism; they’re a noise band that eschews the hedonistic pathology of so-called noise music when they conjure darkness and not so much through the expected nihilism but in celebration and catharsis.

FUZZ is their new record continuing the strange cacophonous tones of their decade’s long career-defining epic Lucas Acid and the sub-sequent eps MBIII and MBIII.IV MICHOA. Here on FUZZ, Moodie Black stretches and twists their sound into bouncy post-punk screeds like “Hi. V”, where a trance-like atonal bassline cuts through a Cybertronian dance beat and K’s rhymes illuminate the anger of being trapped in a marginalized body, and on cyberpunk anti-love screeds like “I’m the One to Love” where slow, autotronic beats create a Bladerunner-esque atmosphere. On “Picket Fence” the band offers a dizzying, blackened braggadocio-ladden annihilation on Columbusing gatekeepers and other sycophants, with lyrics and hooks that cut through some of K’s deepest, most layered production where sad guitars echo in watery, dream-induced remorse. FUZZ is the perfect amalgamation of the beautiful and the strange, of the damaged and the blissful. It will be impossible to decide if heads, on first listen, will want to storm their nearest governmental facility with Uzis and slingshots or sit in a dark, empty room with candle and sage and contemplate the machinations of the darker worlds within. FUZZ is mean, unflinching, and incendiary and quite possibly Moodie Black’s noisiest record to date-- it would have to be in a world where major label and mainstream artists are injecting aggro sounds and hints of noise on their aspirational club jams; and yet, FUZZ is also Moodie’s most engaging work. Where Lucas saw a witch coming into her own, casting spells and conjuring a universe, FUZZ is the result of that conjuring-- a wild, genre-bending explosion of cinematic cyborg sound ripping that universe apart. - Alex Smith


released March 27, 2020


all rights reserved



Moodie Black Los Angeles, California

Known as pioneers of the new era noise rap scene Moodie Black has snuggly nestled themselves into alt rap lore. Over a decade strong Moodie Black has earned a reputation of being harshly uncompromising while showcasing their affinity for mood and atmosphere. ... more

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